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Summer Camp

Statesville Summer Adventures & Statesville Explorers


Register for Summer Camp 2017

Statesville Summer Adventures strives to provide a fun and engaging program for elementary students in the Statesville community. A mixture of hands on academic explorations, instructional athletic camps and structured play time will meet the needs and interests of each individual camper.

With new adventures each week, the program provides families with the flexibility to choose to attend different camps throughout the summer.

Adventure Academic Camps are available to rising JrK—8th grade students.  Campers will be grouped by age and will experience a variety of hands-on academic explorations.  Each week will conclude with a full-day field trip that coincides with the week’s academic or athletic theme.

Instructional Athletic Camps are available to rising JrK—12 grade students.  Campers will be grouped by age and ability and will receive instruction from SCS varsity coaches, SCS alumni athletes or qualified outside coaches.

High school hybrid courses are available in a variety of classes for rising 10th—12th graders.  Hybrid courses will consist of a daily online course coupled with a weekly, required two-hour tutoring session with a teacher.  All assessment must also be taken at SCS with your advisor.  All hybrid course students will be required to meet with the program director before beginning the course.  Hybrid courses are available as credit-recovery or for first-time credit.

Frequently Asked Questions

1.        Is my camper required to participate in the athletic camp?
Yes, all campers will be participating in a half-day athletic camp.  Within each age group, campers will be divided into smaller groups based on their athletic abilities.  We would like to see all campers gain exposure to athletics and receive some physical activity each day.

2.        How/when will we pay for each week of camp?
All parents will be required to pay for camp upon arrival on Monday of each week. There will not be any billing. If the camper has not been paid when they get picked up on Monday, then they cannot return to camp until payment is made.

3.        If my child attends camp on a week that has an additional field trip fee, are they required to go on the field trip?  Will childcare be provided on campus for campers that choose not to attend the field trip?
We are working hard to find field trips that fall inside your regular camp fees.  Occasionally, when field trips are more costly, we will charge an additional fee.  You will be notified well in advance of the week of the actual additional cost.  There will be no childcare provided on campus for campers that choose not to attend field trips.

4.        We are going on vacation and will miss several days of camp, are we required to pay for the entire week?
Yes, staffing is determined based on the number of campers that register for camp, therefore weekly camp fees will not be pro-rated based on the number of days a camper attends camp.

5.        I am interested in taking a high school hybrid course.  What is a hybrid course? What is required to complete the course?
A hybrid course is a combination of online learning and traditional teaching.  Students will be required to attend an introductory meeting on Monday June 13.  At this time students will receive their online username and password for their selected course and may begin the online portion of the course.  Students are required to attend a two-hour tutoring session with a teacher provided by Statesville Christian School once per week.  These sessions will typically be scheduled from 12:30-2:30 pm on Tuesdays or Thursdays, although individual teachers may work out other times/dates that are agreeable to both parties.  Students are also required to take all online assessments at Statesville Christian School with the Summer Program Director at a pre-scheduled time.   Students will have nine-weeks to complete the course and must have all required assignments and assessments complete by August 12th.  SCS is closed the week of July 4th, no tutoring will be available that week, nor will assessments be taken.  The grade received in the course will be recorded on an official SCS transcript.  Non-SCS students must request that this transcript be sent to their school.
6. How do I register my child for camp?
Registration forms for Statesville Summer Adventures and Statesville Explorers are online at and in both school offices. 

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