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If you are interested in the Opportunity Scholarship, please visit the North Carolina State Education Assistance Authority website.

Since 1995 Statesville Christian School has sought to provide a Christian-based educational opportunity to the families of Iredell County and other contiguous communities within reasonable travel distances.


The purpose of Tuition Assistance is to expand the number of families who enroll their children at SCS, who may not have the fiscal capacity to pay full tuition. Using the FACTS system for determining eligibility, a committee consisting of the Head of School, Director of Advancement, Finance Director, Chairman of the Board of Trustees, two additional Board of Trustees members, and the Upper-School Principal, will make all decisions related to the awarding of financial aid. Our decisions will be guided by a desire to apportion available funds across as many families as possible, which may limit the size of the award to individual families, but will increase the collective impact of the tuition assistance program across more families. We believe this will increase enrollment and increase retention of families.


Awards will be made based on available funding, aggregate total of assistance needed as determined by FACTS, and a proportionate percentage of awards that are deemed most equitable and fair by the committee. Consideration will include all sources of assistance including the NC Opportunity Scholarship, as well as the overall financial condition of the applying families determined by the most recent tax returns, W-2 forms, and any other financial information accessible to the committee. Total assistance will be capped at 75 percent maximum, thus all families will be expected to provide a minimum of 25 percent of the tuition costs from their personal resources. In most cases, the expected family contribution will be higher.


Tuition assistance is for one year only and families must reapply each year for consideration. Students must remain in good standing or tuition assistance may be forfeited. While our goal is to extend as much assistance as possible to maximize opportunities for families, we must remain fiscally responsible in paying our staff and operational obligations that are necessary to maintain the school. Thus, we must balance our desire to provide assistance with the need for a reasonable operating budget that keeps the school fiscally sound.


Tuition Assistance Procedures



New Families:


The application for admission for the next school year will be available March 1st each year. To apply for tuition assistance, you must be enrolled at SCS. If you plan to apply for tuition assistance, please apply for admission by March 30th to allow us time to complete the admissions process prior to the April 5th deadline to apply for tuition assistance. Upon admission, the FACTS link to apply for tuition assistance will be accessible during the enrollment process.


Returning Families:


Complete re-enrollment during the annual re-enrollment period along with the non-refundable re-enrollment fee. You may access the FACTS tuition assistance application link during the re-enrollment process.

  • Complete income taxes by February 15th; our process requires verifiable income information from the most recent calendar year.

  • The deadline for both current and new families to submit the completed FACTS tuition assistance application, along with supporting financial documents, is April 10th.

  • All applications and documentation will be reviewed by the tuition assistance committee and notifications of awards mailed April 26th.

  • Any family wishing to appeal the decision of the committee can write a letter expressing their reasons for additional consideration. The letter should be sent to the Tuition Assistance Committee to the attention of the Head of School no later than May 3rd.

  • Indication of award acceptance documents are due in the financial office by May 15, 2019 so that payment contracts can created by the finance office.

**A smaller pool of tuition assistance funds will be reserved for families who apply and enroll after the April 10th deadline. The deadline for new families enrolling after April 5th to apply for the second round of tuition assistance is August 9th.