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Tuition Assistance

If you are interested in the Opportunity Scholarship, please visit the North Carolina State Education Assistance Authority website.

It is our hope that every family who sincerely desires to have their children at Statesville Christian School will be able to do so regardless of their financial situation. At the same time, we must balance our stewardship responsibility to compensate our teachers and staff according to Biblical principles. Tuition assistance awards are granted for a maximum period of one school year. We ask families to reapply each spring. To maintain the fiscal integrity of the school and to provide as many families as possible access to financial aid, grants will generally not exceed 35% of tuition. Priority for consideration in granting tuition assistance is given to SCS faculty/staff, ordained ministers, currently enrolled families, students enrolled in upper grades, and students enrolled in classes with vacancies. New families, who apply for tuition assistance and do not receive as much aid as they believe they can adequately manage, may have their enrollment fee reimbursed upon request. Tuition assistance may be forfeited if the student is placed on probation due to academic, behavior, or attendance deficiencies, or if a the balance of the account is more than sixty days past due. 

Tuition Assistance Procedures
  • Admission/Enrollment
New Families: Submit admission application and attend scheduled admission interview.
Returning Families: Submit re-enrollment fee.
  • Complete income taxes by February 15th; our process requires verifiable income information from the most recent calendar year.
  • Click on Admissions, click on How to Apply, click on FACTS Financial Aid. Create an account and follow instructions from FACTS.

While the tuition assistance program is on-going, assistance decisions for the next school year begin in March and are discontinued when the designated tuition assistance budget is exhausted.

Due to the number of Tuition Assistance Applications currently submitted for the 2017-2018 school year, SCS is no longer excepting additional applications.  Please check back at a later date.

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