US Fall Pictures
Category: MS Activity Calendar
Date: October 10, 2019

Thursday, October 10th is individual picture day - not only for the yearbook but also for your purchasing pleasure, if you so choose. We will not be having spring pictures this year, so in helping your student select their "perfect outfit", please remember this is for the yearbook & we must adhere to school policies for modest dress ... EXAMPLES: All spaghetti strap dresses/tops MUST have a sweater on over it in the actual picture (and for the entire school day). Skirts and dress lengths must meet dress code requirements. We understand that students and parents have talked teachers into giving in to the rule in years past. We are asking you to please not ask this of a teacher, as it places them in a very uncomfortable position. Please seek out professional photography outside of the school day for any pictures that do not adhere to the dress code, as teachers are not allowed to make exceptions for students who are not adhering to the rule. Also, due to the fast-paced schedule of that morning, we do not have the ability to call parents to bring a new outfit for a child to change clothes and then take their picture. Therefore, pictures will be taken with borrowed sweaters, etc. covering the outfits that may or may not match the outfit, if it is in violation of the dress code.

Where: Kester Gym
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