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The Learning Center

The mission of The Learning Center (TLC) at Statesville Christian School is to help each student
achieve his or her God-given potential by offering a Christ-centered education in partnership
with families to train their children to be an independent lifelong learner, equipped to serve God.

The Learning Center at Statesville Christian School offers a variety of services and interventions
for students with vulnerabilities in areas of processing abilities, academic skills, and who
demonstrate mild to moderate academic difficulties in grades K – 12. Once an educational
evaluation has been completed and shared with the school, the Director of Student Services will
create an accommodation plan tailored to the specific recommendation of the evaluator and
the needs of the student.

Services in The Learning Center to assist the student includes the following:

National Institute for Learning Development (NILD) is an individualized program of educational
therapy. NILD defines educational therapy as “an intervention that first determines a student’s
patterns of learning strengths and weaknesses and then provides intense instruction in a one-
to-one setting to remediate the identified educational weaknesses. NILD focuses primarily on
academic skills such as reading, spelling, phonics, written expression, and mathematics. Skills
are developed to achieve grade-level academic proficiency using a combination of direct
instruction and mediated learning strategies.

SEARCH & TEACH is an early intervention program developed to meet the educational needs of
the early learners (K – 1) before they experience the frustration of failing. Search is a 20-minute
individual test designed to identify 5- and 6-year-old who are vulnerable to a learning difficulty.
Teach is a program of 55 learning activities called tasks, carefully designed to address the needs
revealed by the Search screening. Teach is offered to individual students in a one-on-one
setting, allowing the students to move through the assigned tasks at the rate of their own

Individualized or Small Group instruction Students in elementary school receive individual or
small group instruction which allows them to process information at their own pace and in a
manner which reflects their level of understanding.

Tutorial Study Hall The tutorial study hall is designed for middle and high school students who
have a documented condition which affects their learning. The study halls provide directed
assistance in study skills, time management, test-taking strategies, and organizational skills.

To find out more about The Learning Center, contact Rustina Hansen at or 704-873-9511, x2223.