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Statesville Christian School is honored to partner with home school parents who wish to enroll their child part-time in select classes.
Maximum Enrollment for 2020-2021 school year = no more than 10% per course.
  • Elementary Electives & Science Lab – Open enrollment period August 1st
  • Middle School – Open enrollment period August 1st
  • High School – Open enrollment period: August 1
Admission Criteria:
  • The primary motive for enrollment shall be the desire for an education based on a biblical worldview.
  • Parents shall express their agreement with the SCS Summary of Values (see Admission Application).
  • Parents shall express their support of the SCS mission statement.
  • Based on the admission application and parent interview, school personnel will determine if the family is mission-appropriate and Statesville Christian School’s ability or inability to meet a student’s educational needs.
Program Guidelines:
  • Enrollment of elementary home school students is limited to specials and science lab participation.
  • Enrollment of Middle and High School home school students is limited to no more than 4 credit hours a year as space is available.  The division level principal retains the right to determine the maximum number of home school students per grade/course.
  • Full time students receive course scheduling priority.
  • A report card and/or transcript will be provided for each successfully completed academic course taken by a middle or high school homeschool student.
  • In order to receive a Statesville Christian School diploma, the student must be enrolled as a full-time student for the duration of the senior year of high school and meet all course credit requirements for graduation.
  • Part time home school students enrolled in at least one upper school course may participate in school extra-curricular activities, such as culinary club, sisters of service, and worship team.  Priority for participation in spring drama and quiz bowl is given to full time SCS students, with home school student participation only if space is available (an additional fee applies to participation in these extra-curricular activities).   Participation in ACSI events and homecoming are, however, reserved only for full time SCS students.
  • In accordance with NCISAA athletic conference rules for High School, part-time home school students must be enrolled in 5 Credit Hours in order to participate on High School Athletic teams.  The only exception to this policy is the participation in High School Cheer and Football since Cheer and Football are non-conference sport.
  • In accordance with SPAA conference rules for Middle School, part-time home school students may NOT participate on Middle School Athletic Teams. The only exception to this policy is the participation in Middle School Cheer and Middle School Football since these are non-conference sports.
 Admission Process:
  • Complete the Admission Application, including required supplemental academic history, and submit the $125 application fee. 
  • Students will be tested to determine ability level for academic course.
  • Meet with the school’s admissions personnel and division-level principal for an interview.
  • The admission committee determines whether to extend an offer of enrollment and the family is notified of tentative enrollment, pending space availability.
  • Enrollment is secured when appropriate financial paperwork is completed with the business office. 
  • In addition to the course tuition, an annual enrollment fee of $250.00 is due for each subsequent school year in which the student enrolls into classes. Home School students are not eligible for participation in the SCS Tuition Assistance Program.

Course Fees for 2020-2021:

Elementary Academic and Elective Courses = $22/class session.   Payable by lump sum in advance or by monthly bank draft, with no refund for absence.

Middle School Courses = $1,167.00 per course.   Payable by lump sum in advance or by monthly bank draft, with no refund for absence.

Upper School Courses = $1,273.00 per credit hour.   Payable by lump sum in advance or by monthly bank draft, with no refund for absence.