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Current families can also receive a $500 discount for successfully referring a new
family for enrollment! Help yourself by helping others discover the benefits of
Statesville Christian School!


Tuition and Fee Schedule Contract for 2023-2024 Download

Tuition and Fee Schedule Contract for 2024-2025 Download


I. Application and Enrollment Fee (Non-Refundable):  

The application fee of $130.00 for each new student is paid the first time a family applies.  Upon acceptance to SCS, there is an enrollment fee of $250.00 per new student (maximum $500 per family).

Student re-enrollment fee for returning students: $250 – Billed February 1st

  • Spots are not held for students if the re-enrollment fee is not paid.

Commitment Date: April 1, 2024. On this date and after, the Withdrawal & Tuition Refund Policy posted below becomes effective.

II. Tuition:

Tuition covers personnel, operations, textbooks, classroom materials, supplies, activities, and other related costs. The chart below details tuition charges. Payments may be made annually, bi-annually, or drafted in 12 monthly payments (June-May) using the FACTS Tuition Management System. FACTS will charge an annual fee of $25 for annual or bi-annual payments and a $55.00 annual fee for monthly payment plans.  An annual payment paid in full by June 1st qualifies families to receive a 2% tuition discount.  Twelve (12) monthly bank draft payments begin in June and will be processed on the 10th of each month.

III.  Multiple Child Tuition Discount:

Tuition is discounted when multiple children from the same family are enrolled as follows:

  • 3 children enrolled receive - 30% off the youngest child’s tuition rate.
  • 4 or more children enrolled receive - 40% off the youngest child’s tuition rate.
  • Receiving the Opportunity Scholarship Award may forfeit receiving this discount.

IV. Withdrawal & Tuition Refund Policy:

Students are enrolled for the entire year; therefore, teacher contracts and budgets are determined based on enrollment.  You are responsible for all tuition due to Statesville Christian School beginning April 1, 2024.  However, should your student withdraw for any reason or be expelled prior to January 1, 2025, an adjustment will be made to the tuition due as shown below:

V.  Past Due Account Balances:

Report cards and records will not be released if there is any outstanding balance. Students whose accounts are 60 days past due may not be allowed to attend classes until their account is made current or mutually agreeable arrangements are made in writing with the Head of School.  Re-enrollment is NOT offered to students whose financial obligations for the current school year are past due.

VI.  Financial Assistance:

Statesville Christian School desires to provide affordable and quality Christian education. The purpose of Tuition Assistance is to expand the number of families who enroll their children at SCS, who may not have the fiscal capacity to pay full tuition. Using the FACTS system for determining eligibility, a committee will make all decisions related to the awarding of tuition assistance. The request for tuition assistance is made through an application using FACTS. Tuition assistance amounts are awarded for the period of one school year based on documented financial need. FACTS will charge a $40.00 processing fee which will need to be paid to finalize the tuition assistance application.

VII.  Athletic Fees:

Billed after the first match of the season.

  • $150.00 per Middle School Sport; with a two-child family cap, per season
  • $175.00 per High School Sport; with a two-child family cap, per season
  • $40.00 Athletic Banner Fee - Seniors Only; Optional

VIII. Direct Bill Fees:

Billed on your monthly statements at the indicated time. Not all fees apply to every student.

  • Senior Fee - $150.00. Includes off-campus event, cap & gown, and graduation dinner for student & two family members (September statement)
  • Winterim – High school and middle school students participate in a diverse offering of interest-based courses during a one-week period.   Opportunity also exists for international cultural trips and state-side mission trips.  Fees for these courses and trips vary.  (April statement)
  • P.E. Uniforms: All 5th – 12th Grade Students are required to wear a P.E. Uniform. The cost for a set is $20.00 (shirt $10 & shorts $10).  Items may also be available for purchase in the PTF Resale Room. (1st Semester – September and 2nd Semester - January statement)
  • $50.00 – ROAR Participation Fee for qualifying 9-12 Graders (September statement)
  • $97.00 – Advanced Placement Exam Fee, per AP Class for 10-12 Grade (May statement)
  • $50.00 – HS Theater Art Fee (February statement)
  • $40.00 – Elementary Yearbook (November statement)
  • $75.00 – Upper School Yearbook (November statement)

If you do NOT want to receive a yearbook, you MUST notify the Business Office via email ( by September 30, 2024.
There is NO guaranteed opportunity to purchase a yearbook at the end of the school year.
A yearbook will NOT be ordered if you have a past due balance.


  • Bus Service Fees will be billed on your monthly statements as services are utilized.
  • Aftercare Service Fee:  Elementary Aftercare is $9.00/day and Secondary Afterschool Study Hall is $9.00/day and will be billed on your monthly statements as services are utilized.

IX. Non-Direct Fees:

  • Junior and Senior Class Mission Opportunity:  Estimated cost of $1,500.00. Juniors and seniors are provided with an opportunity to participate in mission-based activities. More information and/or cost to be provided at a later date.
  • 8th Grade Trip to Washington D.C.:  Estimated Cost of $900.00. Pay by cash or check payable to SCS in the Upper School Office.  More details and payment dates to be provided at a later date.
  • School Lunch Program:  Order and pay through Orgs Online; Pricing starts at $5.25/day for both Elementary School and Middle/High School Hot Lunch.
  • Elementary Ice Cream Card available for $20.00; Pay by cash or check payable to SCS in the Elementary Office.