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Middle School

During the Middle School years, students are transitioning from childhood to young adulthood and many developmental changes occur, including physical, emotional, social, intellectual, and spiritual. Adolescents are able to engage in a higher level of thinking and to think analytically and abstractly. They are more independent, often egocentric, and are focused on searching for their identity and their place in the world.

At SCS, we provide a learning environment for our middle school students (6th – 8th grades) in which they are challenged to develop these higher level thinking skills and that prepares them for the rigor of high school coursework.  English, reading comprehension, vocabulary and math are emphasized. Learning goes beyond the classroom with field trips through the National Junior Honor Society, the 8th Grade Washington DC field trip, and through opportunities to take special courses, and participate in unique learning opportunities through our Winterim program.

As is true throughout all grades at SCS, middle school students are reminded that all wisdom comes from the Lord (Proverbs 2:6), to evaluate their point of view through the lens of God’s Word as Truth, and that our value and identity come from Christ, not from the opinions of others or from what society deems as valuable. Students attend weekly chapel services, participate in daily devotions in class, and have opportunities to serve others and turn their focus outside of themselves. All these efforts during the critical adolescent years help us work towards achieving our mission to prepare tomorrow’s leaders today to think, live, love and lead for Christ.

The Learning Center

The mission of The Learning Center (TLC) at Statesville Christian School is to help each student achieve his or her God-given potential by offering a Christ-centered education in partnership with families to train their children to be an independent lifelong learner, equipped to serve God.

The Learning Center at Statesville Christian School offers a variety of services and interventions for students with vulnerabilities in areas of processing abilities, academic skills, and who demonstrate mild to moderate academic difficulties in grades K – 12. Once an educational evaluation has been completed and shared with the school, the Director of Student Services will create an accommodation plan tailored to the specific recommendation of the evaluator and the needs of the student.

Tutorial Study Hall The tutorial study hall is designed for middle and high school students who have a documented condition which affects their learning. The study halls provide directed assistance in study skills, time management, test-taking strategies, and organizational skills.

To find out more about The Learning Center, contact Rustina Hansen at or 704-873-9511, x2223.


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