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The Middle and High School Bible programs start with chapel & our chapel mentorship.  Each week our students are challenged from the Word of God in chapel and then meet as a small group with their staff-mentor to follow up on what was taught and how to apply those concepts in their lives.

High School Bible focuses are three-fold:  

  • Biblical literacy
  • Personal application of God's truths
  • Being able to give reasoned answers for one's faith (2 Peter 3:15-16).  

The Curriculum is written by a teacher who has been at SCS for over 20 years and seen what our student go through and get confronted with the most.  We desire them to get a good handle on the Old & New Testaments as far as content and themes, apply it to their every-day life in a way that helps them to live and lead as Christians, and then be equipped to help others see how they might come to know our Savior.  

Simply put:  we exist as a Christian school to send out ambassadors for Christ into this world.