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SCS Strategic Plan

In order to fulfill our mission to train students in partnership with families to think, live, love, and lead as Christians through programs of academic excellence based upon a Biblical worldview, we have put together a strategic plan.
The desired end results at SCS are that graduates will be well-prepared academically, well-prepared biblically, well-prepared to live and espouse a Biblical worldview, and well-prepared to engage the world socially.
At the center of our existence is to create flourishing students who meet those ends. In order to have flourishing students, we know we need flourishing educators and a flourishing school. In using the Flourishing School Culture Instrument and Model for our school, the strategic plan is arranged around the 5 domains of the Flourishing School Culture Model: Purpose, Relationships, Teaching & Learning, Expertise & Resources, and Well-Being. We believe these categories are relevant and helpful in planning strategically for the future.
We believe that our school is being called towards healthy growth in order to serve more Christian families in Statesville and surrounding areas and have created the following strategic plan to facilitate growth and development.

1. SCS will emphasize biblical worldview as part of all marketing materials and core documents and make sure the mission of the school is at the center of all we do.
2. SCS will provide accountability, training and support for all staff on maintaining a biblical worldview across all departments and disciplines.
3. Curriculum and materials used by students at SCS will have an increased focus on biblical worldview.
4. Parents at SCS will have increased opportunities to engage with speakers and materials to partner with the school in biblical worldview formation.

1. SCS will focus on helping students to be others-minded. This includes an emphasis on service, community outreach, and treating others with compassion and love.
2. SCS will seek ways to strengthen partnerships with parents with a focus on increased parent involvement in volunteering and support.
3. SCS will work with staff to continue building positive relationships with students and families while maintaining the highest standards of integrity.

1. SCS will commit to increasing access to information resources and scholarly research and using those resources in the classroom.
2. As SCS continues to add more technology, staff and students will be trained on how to use that technology in meaningful and effective ways.
3. SCS will expand and strengthen elective courses and extracurricular options for students from grades K-12.

1. The leadership of SCS believe that the school will continue to grow and our growth target is to average 30 students per class from Kindergarten to 12th grade for an approximate total of 390 students. Along with growth, we expect to maintain a retention rate of over 90%.
2. SCS will increase the resources available for our athletics programs and invest in increasing the quality of our coaches through programs such as the 3D Coaching model.
3. SCS will complete the outdoor project from the Annual Fund to greatly enhance the use of our outdoor space.
4. With an eye towards future growth and building possibilities, SCS will create a new facilities plan based on strategic financial planning contingent on enrollment.

1. SCS will continue to invest in safety upgrades to the campus and will budget to have a full-time Student Resource Officer.
2. In order to retain and attract the best teaching candidates, SCS will continue to increase teacher salaries and incentives.
3. SCS will explore the addition of a full-time guidance counselor that can run college and career guidance along with providing some basic counseling support to students. This position will also help lead SCS in best meeting the mental health needs of our students from a biblical worldview across the school.