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Elementary School

Educational Hours:  8:00am – 2:50pm

  • Morning Drop Off:  7:30am-8:00am
  • Afternoon Pick Up:  2:50pm-3:05pm
  • Operational Hours of Child Care:  3:05pm-5:30pm 

SCS is committed to providing academic excellence with a Biblical Worldview.  In the Elementary School, the staff provides solid instruction, as well as nurtures each child’s creativity with hands-on activities and projects. Our goal is to partner with families to develop boys and girls who have a heart for God and a desire to be His hands and feet to fellow Christians and to a lost, dying world.  We strive to equip them to be prepared for the high standards of academia in middle school and beyond, as well as with moral integrity based upon Christ’s work within them to think, live, love, and lead their generation. 

We offer many occasions for students to serve and to shine.  The following list features some of these special opportunities: 

  • Wax Museum of Historical People                 
  • Grandparent’s Day
  • Fire and Life Safety               
  • President’s Day speeches    
  • Student Government
  • Class service projects                
  • Math Olympics
  • Thanksgiving Program
  • Science Fair
  • Speech Meet
  • Spelling Bee
  • Lion Pride Day
  • Shine Your Light with Someone Special Winter Ball (formerly Princess Ball)
  • Homecoming
  • Pair with the Upper School for special learning activities

Services in The Learning Center to assist the student includes the following:

The Learning Center at Statesville Christian School offers a variety of services and interventions
for students with vulnerabilities in areas of processing abilities, academic skills, and who
demonstrate mild to moderate academic difficulties in grades K – 12. Once an educational
evaluation has been completed and shared with the school, the Director of Student Services will
create an accommodation plan tailored to the specific recommendation of the evaluator and
the needs of the student.

  • National Institute for Learning Development (NILD) is an individualized program of educational therapy. NILD defines educational therapy as “an intervention that first determines a student’s patterns of learning strengths and weaknesses and then provides intense instruction in a one- to-one setting to remediate the identified educational weaknesses. NILD focuses primarily on academic skills such as reading, spelling, phonics, written expression, and mathematics. Skills are developed to achieve grade-level academic proficiency using a combination of direct instruction and mediated learning strategies.
  • SEARCH & TEACH is an early intervention program developed to meet the educational needs ofthe early learners (K – 1) before they experience the frustration of failing. Search is a 20-minuteindividual test designed to identify 5- and 6-year-old who are vulnerable to a learning difficulty. Teach is a program of 55 learning activities called tasks, carefully designed to address the needs revealed by the Search screening. Teach is offered to individual students in a one-on-one setting, allowing the students to move through the assigned tasks at the rate of their own development.
  • Individualized or Small Group instruction Students in elementary school receive individual or
    small group instruction which allows them to process information at their own pace and in a
    manner which reflects their level of understanding.
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