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The Opportunity Scholarship is a program that helps families who make below a certain amount of income pay tuition at participating nonpublic (private) schools.  Please visit their website for more information

  • Covers tuition and fees
  • Awards up to $6,492 per year

Do I qualify?

All of the following are required. Visit Interested to learn more about eligibility requirements:

  • My family meets the income requirements
  • My child will be at least 5 years old by August 31 or at least 4 by April 16 (and will be approved for kindergarten by the private school administrator)
  • My child lives in North Carolina
  • My child has not graduated high school
  • My child has not enrolled in a post-secondary institution full time

Application Date

The application will open on February 1, 2023.

Need More Information?

Choose from one of the following:

Learn how to apply

Find out next steps after getting a scholarship for the first time

Download forms and get help managing your current scholarship

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