Impact Opportunities


The Annual Upper School Retreat occurred August 31st to September 1st.   The High School Boys and High School Girls retreated to Hickory Cove while the Middle School boys and girls retreated to Uplands Reach in Wilkesboro.  

The Retreat is time to bond as a school body behind what unites us - what we are all at SCS for:   To build a stronger relationship with Christ and with other believers.  The photo  depicted here is a time of worship for the High School boys.  Led by Tyler Laws, Patrick Ferguson, Josiah Russell, Devin Lackey, BJ Lomax and Dylan Sutton, the boys focused on what it means to be "fearfully and wonderfully made" as well as going forward into all things with confidence knowing Christ is with us.  

What makes SCS a special place?  It's not the people.  It's not cool trips like this retreat.  It's not wonderful teachers, great administration or amazing facilities.  It's Christ in us.  That's what makes us great.  

Lion Spotlight

Seniors Cardboard Testimonies

The 2016-2017 seniors were asked to write one word that described who they were before Christ came into their lives on one side of their piece of cardboard. On the reverse side is a one-word description of who they are now that Christ is in their lives.